OP Games

During the period working at OP Games I had the opportunity to create many 2D artwork for the company. 

Since graphic design elements, logos, digital illustrations, POAPS, characters, and backgrounds to different applications.

One of the first projects were I had the opportunity to participate and to integrate with the team, was developing some graphic elements for the Arcadians, a NFT collection of retro-arcade characters. For this work, I had to create some commemorative clothes, facial expressions, and to help the team with editing the files. 

Also, I had the chance to help, and to participate creating graphic elements for some games at https://arcadia.fun/. Some of the work created for the games Arcadia Arena, and Arcadia Survivor includes backgrounds, and participation with the team editing buttons, and creating logos for the games. 

Other works were also created that were used on websites, other as marketing or internal materials, events, videos or studies. OP Games opened a wonderful path for my career providing time to work, but also to study. It was amazing having space to create compositions, testing colors, and receiving feedback, and directions from the team for a better result the company was expecting. 

Some of my favorite artwork for OP Games:

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