A Festa das Bruxas - Board Game

Back in 2015, before my graduation at the university, I had to work on a final project as a conclusion for the Design graduation. I chose to work on a board game project, where I had to do research about different board game styles, including some mechanics, art, design, story and materials.

For this project, the game theme was based on a short tale from a local poet, and artist: Franklin Cascaes. His stories present many witches, magics, and were located in some places from the city of Florianópolis - despite almost all the city is located on an island, and today is known as a magic island - the tale presented in the game is located in the mainland.

The “Festa das Bruxas” means a Witch Party in Portuguese, and this tale occurs on a beach with many many stones, with many different sizes. Some of the stories about these stones over the sea tells that once there was a party, full of witches, magic, and other creatures. But for this party, the witches did not invite the Devil, so when he found out about that, he transformed all witches into stones.  

As a form to involve a local poet, and a story from the city where I am from - including the place where I grew up - and also to work with my knowledge about design and illustration at the time, I choose to create this game.

The game is about the party, and one of the players is a gossip witch, who has to tell the Devil about the party. But nobody knows who the gossip witch is. The goal for all players is to enjoy the time at the party completing missions, with no time for the gossip witch to tell the Devil about the party, and maybe finding who is the gossiper.

The player who is the gossip witch has to keep the secret about his or her identity, and also has to tell the Devil about the party. In the end there is a funny party and the gossip witch loses, or the gossip witch tells the Devil about the party, and everybody is turned into stones.

To create the game, many graphics design strategies and illustration work had to be done. Everything, including, box, board, cards, tokes, manual booklet with the game rules, logos, and other artworks were created digitally and after were printed to present the game as a physical project. 


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