Bubu and the Little Owls

During the years of 2017 to 2019, I had the great opportunity to work as a 2D Artist, and member of the art team at the Up! Content company. The job was to create illustrations, and art pieces for the Bubu and the Little Owls animated series - first, and second seasons.

During that time, I participated in the creation of backgrounds, props, color scripts, and other art assets. Most of the work was with  the backgrounds, and the team had a process of creating the sketches, then color scripts, and finalizing with the colors, and last details. The series environments were in nature locations, like forests, beaches, ice caves, snowy lands or deserts.  


My favorite part to work with the team was always the color studies for the backgrounds. With so many environments and locations was always a pleasure to work with the colors. We also had different seasons to work with in this part, so many colors, and emotions to explore. For this process we use the layout the direction worked, and placed the characters in their location after receiving the animatic from the animation team.

One of the episodes of the second season :)


Bruna Biasotto, Thomaz Martins, and Rafael Sosnowski

Animation Direction 

Thomaz Martins, and Rafael Sosnowski

Creative Direction

Cristiane Caji

Art Direction 

Pedro Clark

Art Team 

Aline Corrêa, Augusto Queiroz, Tharso Duarte, Ingrid Brehm, and Ésley Turnes


 Aline Bertusso, Belli Studio, and Slipt Studio

All rights reserved to Up! Content! Co.


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