Dance with Bubu and Sing with Bubu

Following the Bubu and the Little Owls animated series, the Up! Contect Co. team decided to create spin-offs with the main characters: "Dance with Bubu", and "Sing with Bubu".

In these projects I had the opportunity to work with the art team creating new backgrounds, assets, and illustrations with a cleaner, and cute style. We had to create a new art guide with a more colorful palette, with flat elements, but still keeping the look that could make a link with the original series. In the spin-off "Sing with Bubu" we incorporated in the videos the backgrounds we already had.

The animations were about the little owls, Bubu, Biel and Bonie, dancing or singing the songs from the animated series :D

One of the episodes of Dance with Bubu :)

One of the episodes of Sing with Bubu :)


Bruna Biasotto, Thomaz Martins, and Rafael Sosnowski

Animation Direction 

Thomaz Martins, and Rafael Sosnowski

Creative Direction

Cristiane Caji

Art Direction 

Pedro Clark

Art Team 

Aline Corrêa, Augusto Queiroz, Tharso Duarte, Ingrid Brehm, and Mariana Batista


 Aline Bertusso, and Angélica Botini

All rights reserved to Up! Content! Co.

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