I thought that would be interesting showing some of the tests results for job appliances I had the last months. The works I made were very challenging, and at the same time great lessons for my professional career. I believe these opportunities were very special moments for my artist journey until now. All the images were created only for the art tests, and not used in any commercial way. 

OP Games

Helping Mr. Froggy!

For OP Games I had to work creating a new character, a back story, and new backgrounds for an imaginary game. My challenge was to use one of the games from the platform on the company's website as reference, and to develop a new world based on the game mechanics. 

My little story:

Mr. Froggy is a fantastical magical frog! He can do many things indeed, casting all the magical stuff over the lake. However, despite being a magical frog, Mr. Froggy did not learn how to swim! He carries with him his beautiful floater made of petals. The floater helps him to float, and to swim, so he can play with his aquatically friends. But Mr. Froggy has lost all of his floater petals! Help Mr. Froggy to find his petals with his magic spell mirroring the things over the lake, so he can play with his friends again!   

OP Games is the company were I am currently working as a 2D artist since October 2021. 


Capsule Social

Little Birds

For the Capsule Social test I had to create an image that represented the idea of a new decentralized social network. 

For the test I thought about representing the logo from the company as a seed. A seed can represent the base for a strong tree where all kind of users - the little birds - can talk freely with their ideas, and making new connections over this tree.

I did not get the job, but after delivering the test, the company made a new proposal to me: to work with the Piccollo: Othello game project.

Alopra Studio

Background Technical Challenge 

For this test I had to work following the guideline from the art series. The studio provided the brush sets, the characters, and the animatic with the scene. I had to work with the animatic as a guide, and to recreate the art style - drawing and painting the background. It would be a great opportunity to work with them, but I had to decline the studio proposal at the time. 


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